Health Care Solutions

Health Care Solutions

Health Care Solutions


The healthcare industry is under pressure to increase profits and improve the quality of patient care. These challenges are further complicated by a shifting regulatory environment. We transform financial and clinical performance for healthcare organizations—from health systems & physician groups to health plans to government programs—specifically designed to meet their distinctive goals.

Our mission is to deliver the highest-quality programs to busy clinicians to help guide medical decision making while providing immense value to our clients and offering efficient, practical solutions with a proven ROI.

We along with our partner organizations excel at taking your ideas and turning them into perfect healthcare software solutions. Every project starts with us getting a deep understanding of your business needs, so we can closely collaborate with you to plan, design, develop and manage your powerful, streamlined enterprise solution or app.

Our process for healthcare software development is built on industry best practices, experience and innovation — a combination that lets us deliver cutting-edge, elegant, functional, easy-to-use products again and again.

We don’t stop there. We work with you throughout – from project management to testing, delivery, and ongoing support. We’ll continually tweak and refine your healthcare software solutions so they meet your changing needs precisely.

NKU’s Hospital Management Information System

The solution caters for the full life-cycle of the processes in a modern hospital, incorporating comprehensive work flows for patient registration, appointment scheduling, out-patient & in-patient management, machine interfacing with lab and radiology equipment, patient billing and complete patient medical records, surgery, blood bank and financial and inventory management.

NKU’s Clinical Solution

Our offering is an ideally suited solution for individual practitioners and clinics. A subscription is needed to automate your clinic.