App Modernization

Reduce Risk from your Legacy IT Investments

App Modernization

Improve Your application Portfolio Value

Reduce Your Technical Debt

Businesses are flying blind. With the cost and complexity of upgrading or replacing existing systems, most businesses are fast when it comes to the actual performance and utilization of these business-critical applications.

At NKU Technologies we specialize in delivering a small portion of your existing application portfolio to a massively scalable, highly available and secure modernization platform. We have developed the skillset required to transform monoliths into microservices-based SOA architectures.

Imagine being able to view your entire application landscape in one place, and being able to predict down-time costs before it happens. The value is immeasurable as you can now also control budgets, application governance and managing vendor

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Most Common Legacy IT Systems Challenges

Challenges vs Solutions

In the absence of a comprehensive technology management program, businesses often can become mired in technical debt due to ongoing development and enhancement of these legacy applications. This can be time-consuming and expensive, often leading to further functional inefficiencies that threaten operational effectiveness.

NKU Technologies has developed a comprehensive “5P” Process for Legacy Application Management that leverages proven best practices and fundamental principles for system developers, architects, maintainers, and administrators.

Over the span of our careers, we’ve successfully worked with leading enterprises and startups. Our software engineers work with you to understand your unique business challenges and recommend solutions that can streamline operations and reduce costs across the enterprise.

By the time you realize they need to be upgraded, it’s too late to take advantage of modern technology.

If your organization has a growing portfolio of foundational, mission-critical applications that are no longer considered cutting edge, NKU Technologies can help you improve performance while achieving and maintaining compliance with emerging industry and regulatory mandates.

Legacy software can often limit business growth. We have helped companies optimize costs by reducing complexity, streamlining processes and eliminating manual processes.

By providing visibility into applications at every level of the application stack, we empower IT and business leaders alike to confidently manage an organization’s application portfolio and accelerate release cycles that drive strategic business outcomes.

5 P Framework and Methods

App Modernization Patterns

Lift & Shift

Sometimes called re-hosting, the phrase “lift and shift” has become software development lingo for taking an existing application and moving it from a legacy environment (such as an on-premises server) to newer infrastructure.


Refactoring is essentially another way of saying “rewriting” or “restructuring.” This approach to application modernization entails taking a legacy application and retooling significant chunks of its underlying code to better run in a new environment


This pattern can be viewed as a middle ground or compromise between the lift-and-shift and refactoring approaches. It does not require major changes in code or architecture, as with refactoring, but entails complementary updates that enable the legacy app to take advantage of a modern cloud platform.

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