Analytics & Data Visualization Services

Transforming your data into useful business insights

ERP for Next Generation

Analytics & Data Visualization Services

INSIGHT BI is a business intelligence solution that helps you scrutinize the inner workings of your business. You’ll know where you stand and better understand where you’re going.



Benefits of INSIGHT(BI)

Built-In Machine Learning

With modules that allow you to control sales, issues, settlements and returns

Predictive Analytics

Offering increased visibility of customer information and sales pipeline


Optimized Processes

Oversee all aspects of your business using  the latest planning tools, reports and dashboards

Real time data

Enables you to make data-driven decisions easily with up-to-the-minute comprehensive insights by directly accessing real-time data & BI systems.

Unique Features

Offering a comprehensive insight into each process enabling you to make data driven decisions easy

Advanced Planning



Mobility and globalization

Real-time decision making

AI and Machine Learning integration

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