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Taksim® - Sales & Distribution Solution

A comprehensive solution for Sales, Distribution, and Retail Execution.

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TAKSIM Key Features

Taksim is a cloud-based Sales and Distribution solution for distributors. It provides leading insights on the performance of each location, product line, brand, and category to make better decisions at the right time. It has been adopted by many distributors to make their sales force and field execution smarter and wiser. We provide a visual dashboard that is always on with the most important insights available to you from the click of a button.

Live Tracking & Maps

View all your sales force in a single map view. 

Customer History & Performance

A single data repository for all business transactions. 

Multi Location

Inventory Tracking across multiple locations. 

Track Everything

Including Distributors, Retailer and Vans

Route Optimization

Efficient route information and suggestions

Outlet Performance

Track how important an outlet is.

Order Booking (Android App)

Take order and Book Delivery Notes on the go! Our Android App is available for field force

Powerful Reporting

Powered by Business Intelligences and Predictive Reports

Product Classifications

For Smarter grouping, brand and principal wise insights. 

Taksim® - Sales & Distribution Solution Our all-in-one solution FOR your

Increase Sales up to 20%

Enabling businesses to help organize their sales and distribution activities into one system. With an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution to manage their complex sales and distribution networks. It includes the latest planning tools, reports and dashboards that allow you to oversee all aspects of your business.

Empower your Field Force

Fix the Underperformers

Taksim - Sales & Distribution Software

Why Taksim

Reduce the workload of your operations team and get a comprehensive view of all the distributed operations. Smarter asset and inventory management means your business always wins over competitors. 

Effective Control

With modules that allow you to control sales, issues, settlements and returns

Increased Visibility

Offering increased visibility of customer information and sales pipeline

Always Live!

Taksim resides in a cloud and routes all the data and inventory to their right destinations. 

Predictive Analytics

Control Price and Margins and do Real-time invoicing and order taking at your fingertips. 

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Learn how Taksim can revolutionize your sales and distribution operations, help you maintain store performance and manage your inventory and brands effectively. 

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