Human Resource Management Solution

ORBIT-HRMS – Human Resource Management Solution - A tailor-made and Integrated HR management solution with access control, payroll and advanced reporting features.

ORBIT-HRMS – Human Resource Management Solution

ORBIT-HRMS – Human Resource Management Solution - Key Features

Organizational Management

The Company, Departments and Branches: Creates and maintains organizational structures and their departments, branches, positions, and jobs

Time Management

The Working Times and Activities: Creates and maintains a work schedule to track employee hours (attendances and absences) used to pay employees

Advance/Loan/Penalties Management

Creates and maintains employee advances and penalties and link with payroll. Holidays/Leave Management

Personnel Administration

The People and Their Information: Creates and maintains information about employees and their dependents. Also processes of employee approval to add in HRMS, changes, separations, and absences

Attendance Management

The system provides a comprehensive attendance management system which comes integrated with facial recognition-based attendance machine

Payroll Processing

The Pay and Benefits: Calculates earnings and payment-related items for employees. Processes benefit, which includes sending and receiving information to and from other group companies

Unique Features




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Learn how Orbit®  HRMS is designed for medium to large scale organizations with needs to integrate with multiple systems and to tweak HRMS system to their needs for access control and easy payroll processing. Orbit can be answer to your HR worries. Schedule demo now!

Orbit -HRMS is NKU’s innovative solution to a generic HRMS. Our solution is simple, yet powerful. With creativity of development behind it, Orbit -HRMS will exceed your expectations.

The system is completely cloud-based, SaaS based HRMS that easily integrates with other products. Backed by NKU’s patented technology for accurate timekeeping, Orbit -HRMS provides an easy to use and powerful online interface for employee scheduling, payroll, HR functions and much more.

The Orbit -HRMS system, which is used to create custom RR&E forecasts, compiles, reviews, modifies, edits and provides the reports on call center trends and forecast data. It is a powerful tool that embodies NKU’s “People-Process-Technology” design philosophy.

Make the right move. NKU Orbit-HRMS software is an integrated HR and payroll solution. Designed for ease of use, it’s a smart choice for midsize organizations that want to simplify their HR management process. The solutions included in NKU Orbit-HRMS assist businesses in establishing and enforcing policies, providing speedy resolution to employee issues, and improving communication with employees to increase productivity.

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