Mutual Funds Management System

Automated & Secure Investment Management

A comprehensive end-to-end mutual investment management solutions with regulatory compliance & risk analysis systems, acute management of the cross-asset portfolio, automated distributions of multiple investments, and caters flexible investment plans.

Investments & Compliance

Complete solution for investment management and tracking. Our Mutual Funds Management System is a comprehensive suite of portfolio valuation, accounting, and investment reporting - for all types and sizes of funds. This system offers increased efficiency and lowers cost with processing ability to manage the trade cycle from order to settlement.

Account Management

Facilitating individual, joint & corporate accounts with detailed KYC. Front-end (sale) & Back-end (redemption)  load modules, and acute management of unit holders accounts with a single automated system.

Flexible Investment Plans

Smart, Secure & flexible investment plans to regulate minute details and reduce the hassle to allocate sub-funds, tax deductions, early redemption, and breakup of investments 

Balance Sheet Management

Regulates the management of detailed account statements and comprehensive investment, earning and withdrawal reports with quick single window operations.

Cross-asset portfolio

Enhance the diversification of cross-asset portfolios with better risk tolerance and alleviating the efforts to manage vast systems.

Dynamic Provident Funds

End-to-end fund management services to manage company’s multiple provident funds. Handle all multi-asset class investments and detailed regulations of employees needs.

Payment Channel Interfacing

Swift transfer and management of funds across multiple channels with automated system.

Manage it all, be it Mutual Fund or Provident Fund or Portfolio Investment

Investment Management Solution

Full integrated GL with daily net asset value calculations. Our Mutual funds management system is IAS 39 compliant with integrated accounting. Reach out to us to find out how our system can help with regulatory compliance and internet based transactions. 

Smart capital markets. Mutual-Funds-System-NKU

Key Features of Mutual Funds Management System

Our system is designed and fully automated for the management of mutual funds. It deals with the acute management of unit holder accounts, unit purchases, redemptions, transfers, Zakat and configurable taxes including capital gain tax deductions for the funds.

System ease to perform transaction in electronic balance as well physical certificate. Administrative plan for automatic distribution of investments among multiple funds. It also facilitate the user to define the sale policy for the units purchases at fund level.

Portfolio Investments & Valuations

Automated Workflows & Modules


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