CRM for Non-Profits

Software Suite for NPOs/NGOs

All-in-one cutting-edge cloud-based software suite for non-profit organizations.

NKU CRM for Non-Profits

NKU-CRM Key Features

NKU-CRM for non-profits is suite of important modules for running your non-profit organization's digital operations and processes effectively. With NKU-CRM for Non-Profits, you can do better Online Fundraising, Multi-Channel Advocacy and Digital Marketing features all in a single package.

Contacts Management

All your NPO Contacts, Partners, Vendors and Volunteers in one place. 

Call Logs & Activities

Track all Call Logs, Contact Activities from a single dashboard. 

Email Makreting

Reach out to contacts in one go with bulk single send email marketing campaigns. 

Leads Management

Potential Funnels of Partners, Vendors and VSOs. 

Marketing Management

Smart Placements, Messaging and Outreach

Donations Management

Ask for donation contributions and achieve goals

Why NKU-CRM for Non-Profits?

Cutting-edge technology


Online fundraising


Multi-channel advocacy

Digital marketing

Interactive dashboards

Interested in NKU-CRM for Non-Profits?

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Learn how NKU-CRM can be your partner in making an impact and serving diverse communities with right information and contacts outreach at the right time. NKU-CRM is battle tested for multiple use cases and might fit for your social cause too. Outreach to us to find out more. 

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