Dairy Farm Management System

Moo® - Dairy Farm Management - End to End Dairy Farm Lifecycle management with unique features of preventive medicine, breeding and genetics and farm economics. 

Moo® - Dairy Farm Management

MOO - Smart Dairy Management

Moo is a fully automated and sophisticated Dairy Farm Management System covering all business aspects of Dairy Farming. The system is designed to support farming from the beginning right through to the end of your production cycle. It’s simple, easy to use, highly efficient, and affordable for any size farm, ensuring the dairy farm remains profitable and sustainable.

Herd Management

Farm Economics

Preventive Medicine

Nutrition Tracking

Reproduction Module

Breeding & Genetics

Product Management

Milk Production

Report & Analytics

Moo® - Dairy Farm Management

Benefits of Moo

With the ability to schedule activities such as breeding and milking, it enables you to track inventory and records or expenses with ease.

Moo® - Dairy Farm Management

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Managing a dairy farm can be complicated. It is a time-consuming, hard job. From milking to feeding, to medicine giving and more.

We are proud to offer Moo® – Dairy Farm Management Software. This new software product will help you manage your dairy farm with less effort, more accuracy and better insight of what is going on in your farm.

Dairy farm management is traditionally a low-tech operation; making it difficult to use automation effectively.

No more pen and paper! Moo® is designed to be simple, easy to use software that respects the needs of the farmer.

Dairy farmers can now improve their business operations through better organization and improved record keeping with Moo.

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